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Institute for Media and Communications Management

=mcm Institute building

The =mcm institute

The =mcm institute is an internationally recognised research, qualification and consulting centre for media and communications management as well as for culture and media.

We help students, researchers and decision makers in business and society meet the challenges of the digital age.

Our four Research Chairs


(The position is currently being filled by Prof. Dr. Katarina Stanoevska-Slabeva)

Research Areas

Center for Leadership and Values in Society


Digitalisation – MCM’s contributions to the scientific and social discourse in the current issue of HSG Focus

There is hardly any other trend that changes the world around us much as the digitisation. Therefore, the current edition of the HSG Focus investigates the digital spheres of our lives - and the impact of digitalisation on various areas and disciplines. MCM’s researchers add to this debate from various perspectives with five contributions.

Center for Book and Publishing Studies

Different books

Current publications

redesign HSG Library

JMM: The International Journal on Media Management

Logo JMM - International Journal on Media Management

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